FORT COLLINS, COLO. — Pet supplement and treat co-manufacturer PetDine has added labeling services to its client contract manufacturing partnership portfolio. The company will now be able to streamline the overall process for developing and manufacturing market-ready products for its clients.

This added consulting service will allow PetDine clients to receive feedback from the co-manufacturer’s pet nutrition experts on ingredient lists, nutritional information and product facts. Labels are finalized with the client, then PetDine handles the remainder of the labeling process.

“PetDine prides itself on providing clients the highest level of customer satisfaction within all aspects of our contract manufacturing partnership," said Justin Boling, director of marketing at PetDine. “Giving our customers one less component to worry about not only makes the production process more seamless, but it saves time, enabling clients to focus on brand promotion and targeted goals in bringing innovative products to market.”

The company stated it hopes this added benefit will help their clients focus more on brand building and staying competitive in this growing industry.

“In addition to streamlining our clients’ go-to-market development, producing labels presents an additional checkpoint for nutritional direction that we can offer,” said Dr. Mike Jarosz, director of nutrition at PetDine. “Undertaking this step enables us to better support client needs and provide guidance when establishing product information, thus equipping our clients with the confidence they need to successfully introduce new, unique products to market.”

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