STAMFORD, CONN. — Under the ownership of Olympus Partners, 3D Corporate Solutions has acquired LinkOne Marine Solutions, a marine protein supplier offering premium dried, fresh and frozen salmon, sardine, herring and other products to pet food manufacturers.

3D Corporate Solutions manufactures specialty proteins and fats for the pet food industry. The acquisition of LinkeOne Marine Solutions is expected to expand the company’s premium pet food protein portfolio.

“We are excited about the value-added products they offer the market and believe there are significant growth opportunities available for the combined business,” said Scott Clawson, chief executive officer of 3D Corporate Solutions. “The acquisition is highly complementary to the products and capabilities we currently offer, and we look forward to growing and working alongside the LinkOne Marine team.”

LinkOne Marine Solutions is based in Missouri and sources from fisheries in North America, South America and Europe. Its operations will complement 3D Corporate Solutions’ existing network of six United States facilities.

“We believe 3D is the ideal home for the LinkOne Marine business and that the combined business will greatly improve how we serve our customers,” said Ed Mareth, co-founder of LinkOne.

This acquisition builds on 3D Corporate Solutions purchase of All American Pet Proteins (AAPP) in June, a Colorado-based manufacturer of fresh and frozen proteins for use in pet food.

3D Corporate Solutions’ land animal protein business partnered with Olympus Partners in May 2019, a move that split its core business in two. The other divisions of 3D Corporate Solutions became LinkOne Ingredient Solutions, LLC, which at the time specialized in marine, non-grain and sourced ingredients.

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