COVINGTON, LA. — Allpax, a ProMach brand of retort equipment, is bolstering its onsite and remote technical support services with a new tiered program. This program links troubleshooting customers direct with skilled support personnel at Allpax to achieve peak retort efficiency.

Customers can choose time periods for Allpax specialists to be onsite for preventive or routine maintenance purposes, annual audits, calibrations and trainings, ranging from one to five or more weeks annually. These programs can be customized to best suit the needs of each individual customer.

Allpax specialists can provide regular-hours or after-hours support both onsite and remotely. They can also conduct root cause analysis remotely to address critical production downtime problems.

“The three levels of contract services for both onsite and remote support provides a starting point for identifying the optimum support strategy for each plant,” said Jeff Arthur, technical sales director at Allpax. “Once the skills, time, and tasks required on an annual basis are defined, we preschedule the mechanical and controls personnel to be onsite for preventive or routine maintenance and/or to be available for remote diagnostics. Contracting for the ideal level of maintenance beforehand lowers the cost of support as compared to reactive support requests, and ensures the right resources are available at the right time. Service by the OEM experts reduces risk, while ensuring peace of mind.”

To support its service team, the company also recently promoted Trey Traw to service manager. Traw will now manage a team of mechanics and electricians tasked with new equipment installations, customer equipment audits, and in-field and remote access to Allpax’s retort and automated batch retort systems.

Trey Traw, service manager at Allpax.Trey Traw, service manager at Allpax. (Photo courtesy of Allpax) 

Traw offers extensive customer experience. Currently, he and his team are working to rehash Allpax’s aftermarket services approach to offer a more structured strategy for supporting cost efficiency, equipment throughput and uptime for customers.

“Every Allpax employee understands that he or she contributes to the success of essential human and pet food production businesses through our sterilization and automation technology,” said Traw. “Our service team is the outward face of that care. We believe our new bundled services program is going to be a major step forward from an already exemplary base of operations.”      

Traw and his team will also work with Allpax’s production department to help manufacture, assemble and test new equipment. The end goal is offering more efficient installation experiences, as well as improving commissioning, troubleshooting and post-installation support.

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