NEW YORK — Benebone on Sept. 29 launched its latest dog chew design, the Fishbone, flavored with real Jack Salmon. The company stated this new chew is “inspired by the protein of the sea.”

"Dogs experience the world with their noses. They're fond of fish because it can have a strong scent. So, we put two and two together and the Fishbone was born," said Peter Toolan, chief executive officer at Benebone. "Thankfully, our dogs can smell it, but we can't. For your dog, it's like a field trip to the fish market. For us, it's like nothing ever happened."

The Fishbone dog chew is available in three sizes — for small, medium and large dogs —and will be sold in pet specialty stores across the United States.

This new treat joins the company’s existing portfolio of injection-molded dog chews in various shapes, sizes and flavors, including the Wishbone, the Maplestick/Bacon Stick, the Dental Chew, the Zaggler, and the Pawplexer, which pet owners can fit with a long-form extruded treat for extended chew time and enjoyment.

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