ARLINGTON, VA. — The American Feed Industry Association’s (AFIA) Institute for Feed Education and Research (IFEEDER) recapped a busy year of supporting the feed industry through various research initiatives in its 2020-21 Annual Update.

"Since its beginning, IFEEDER has supported the animal feed and pet food industries through education and research. However, as the animal protein and pet food landscape evolves, so has our strategy,” said Tim Belstra, chair of IFEEDER’s board of trustees for 2020-2021. “Through industry input, stakeholder action and consumer trends, we are guided toward focusing our efforts on sustainability. With that as a focal point, we’re building a strategy directed by a clear mission and vision.”

IFEEDER is currently working on several projects, which it highlighted in the report. These include:

  • Providing insights into a stable animal food supply chain
  • Exploring the impacts of non-GM livestock and poultry feed
  • Charting resources for a sustainability journey
  • Informing consumer choice through credible science and subject matter expertise
  • Modeling virus transmission potential to ensure a safe animal food supply

The organization contributed nearly $179,400 to various program expenses, $15,300 to the Kenny Berg Research and Education Fund, and $15,000 to scholarship funds. In turn, IFEEDER raised $112,100 in unrestricted funds, $25,200 from AFIA’s Equipment Manufacturers Conference and $35,000 in restricted funds.

The full report can be found at

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