LIVONIA, MICH. — Pet Supplies Plus began stocking PetPlate fresh dog food products at 60 select stores across the United States on July 19, effectively expanding its fresh pet food offerings.

The pet retail franchise plans to add PetPlate products to more of its stores later in 2021.

“We couldn’t be happier that PetPlate chose Pet Supplies Plus to be the first retailer to carry their fresh-cooked and balanced meals for dogs,” said Chris Rowland, chief executive officer of Pet Supplies Plus. “At Pet Supplies Plus, we pride ourselves on providing our neighbors with the best food options for their pets and we look forward to adding PetPlate to our shelves.”

PetPlate develops its fresh dog foods with the help of a veterinary nutritionist. The diets are produced using a kettle-cooked and flash-freeze method inside a USDA-certified facility. Formulations include only human-grade proteins, fruits and vegetables, and are free from rendered meats or byproducts, artificial preservatives or additives.

The brand also sells two soft and chewy dog treats and two functional supplements for dogs targeting digestion and mobility.

Up until now, PetPlate has only been available online. Pet Supplies Plus is the first brick-and-mortar pet specialty retailer to carry the brand. The fresh pet food company cited requests from pet parents wanting to purchase PetPlate dog foods at their local pet stores as its reason for going omnichannel.

“Our mission is simple,” said Renaldo Webb, founder of PetPlate. “We help dogs live longer, healthier, happier lives through better nutrition. I can think of no better way to provide greater access to PetPlate than to team up with the most neighborly retailer of all, Pet Supplies Plus.”

Pet Supplies Plus will initially carry PetPlate’s chicken, beef, lamb and turkey fresh dog foods in 12- and 20-oz packages.

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