KENNESAW, GA. — Deerland Probiotics & Enzymes announced June 29 the launch of its new website,, highlighting the benefits of its DE111 probiotic ingredient for pet and human nutrition.

The probiotic, bacillus subtilis DE111, is a “hardy probiotic” that can offer digestive benefits for several formats including pet treats and food and beverage formats for humans, Deerland stated. The website features human clinical studies on the benefits of DE111, as well as general resources on the role of probiotics in the body.

“Product developers can visit to get information on product stability, clinicals, and ideal applications,” said Kristin Wilhoyte, director of marketing communications at Deerland. “Likewise, consumers who see the logo on product packaging are led to the benefits DE111 offers, as well as the science that supports it.”

According to Deerland, its DE111 probiotic ingredient is gaining traction in the pet nutrition space following its success in the dietary supplement category. The company’s new website states DE111 can be used in supplement chews, tablets and capsules, cold-extruded treats, treat chews, refrigerated pet food formulas, shelf-stable wet foods and dry kibble formats.

“Consumers want to know the story behind the product—the ingredients, how they work, and the science behind them,” Wilhoyte said. “So, we’ve created a site that provides information about DE111, its benefits, and scientific support to our partners and their end customers.”

As pet treats trend toward more functional formulas, many companies are turning to branded ingredients to deliver trusted functional support in their own products. MarketPlace noted at the National Animal Supplement Council’s (NASC) Annual Conference that 37% of pet supplement shoppers seek out branded ingredients on product labels.

“Pet parents, especially pet supplement shoppers, value human-grade quality for their pets,” Wilhoyte added. “As a probiotic ingredient that offers benefits for both pets and people, DE111 brings crossover appeal and quality that both brands and their customers value.”

Deerland Probiotics & Enzymes develops probiotic, prebiotic and enzyme ingredient solutions to benefit microbial health in pets and humans. The company’s ingredients are applicable in a wide range of products, from sports nutrition to dietary supplements, food and beverage and companion animal nutrition.

The company is a NASC Preferred Supplier.

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