ST. LOUIS — Following its acquisition of Cardinal Laboratories in January 2020, Whitebridge Pet Brands announced April 27 it has rebranded the Remedy+Recovery® (R+R) line of first aid products for pets under its Dogswell® portfolio.

R+R products, which include skin and wound care, surgical recovery collars and other first aid solutions for dogs, will debut new packaging and branding starting this month. Dogswell’s logo will be added to the packaging designs, but the original R+R cross logo will still be featured as well.

“As one of the leading at-home first aid brands, Remedy+Recovery products are trusted by pet parents for their effectiveness in treating a wide range of conditions, from wounds and infections to skin rashes and diarrhea,” said Jessica Zulic, senior brand manager for Dogswell. “Retailers and consumers can be assured that the rebranded R+R products will be exactly the same on the inside as the ones they have relied on for years.”  

The new-and-improved R+R line will feature four product categories: skin care, wound care, gastrointestinal health and surgery recovery. R+R formulations will not be changed, Zulic added.

Zulic noted that Dogswell’s range of health and wellness-focused dog products complement the R+R line.

“For example, pet parents concerned about skin care could shop both Dogswell Skin & Coat treats for everyday proactive wellness and Dogswell R+R Skin Care products during flare-ups or allergy season,” she said.

According to a report published by SPINS and Goldman Sachs, pet medicine and first aid products grew 62% in sales in the neighborhood pet store channel from October 2019 to October 2020.

Cardinal Pet Care also produces three brands of dog treats: Full Life for Pets, Pet Botanics and Only Healthy Source.

Whitebridge was born from a January 2015 merger of Cloud Star and Petropics, which brought Cloud Star dog treats and Tiki Pets pet food and treat products under the same corporate umbrella. Whitebridge acquired Dogswell in April 2017, a brand of jerky dog treats. It also owns Buddy Biscuits, another pet treat brand.

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