MILFORD, MASS. — KPM Analytics Inc. announced March 23 it has entered a license agreement with AB Vista to fine-tune near infrared reflectance (NIR) spectroscopy technologies for the food, pet food and agriculture markets.

Both companies are leaders in developing NIR spectroscopy technologies, with AB Vista’s Aunir group specializing in global development and supply for calibrations, and KPM specializing in analyzers and sensors for laboratory, R&D, at-line and in-line inspection applications.

AB Vista is the feed additives division of AB Agri Limited.

“We are very excited to enter this strategic partnership with AB Vista,” said Brian Mitchell, chief executive officer of KPM Analytics. “Our Unity, CHOPIN, and Process Sensors NIR products are recognized for their quality, performance, and application breadth.”

AB Vista’s INGOT calibration library is the world’s largest, according to KPM Analytics, and home to more than 350,000 analyzed samples with more than four million datapoints. The collection has been built up over the last 30 years, primarily focused on animal feed and feed ingredients, pet food, milled flours, forages and other products.

“With the INGOT calibrations as part of our core instrument capability, KPM Analytics can now offer our customers best-in-class instrumentation and analytical results based on custom calibrations and chemometric support for a broad range of applications,” Mitchell said. “By providing precise and repeatable measurements across a range of sample types based on the INGOT calibration data, our customers will experience immediate value in their quality inspection, manufacturing process, and R&D functions.”

The multi-year license agreement will serve as a strategic partnership between the two companies, in which both hope to strengthen the development customization and support capabilities for NIR spectroscopy calibration.

”AB Vista Aunir is a pioneer and leader in NIR calibrations and applications with over 30 years of calibration data collected and the largest independent library available,” says Chris Piotrowski, Director, Aunir. “Having a close working relationship with KPM Analytics allows us to further develop and fine tune our NIR offerings to best suit customer requirements.”

Starting in April, KPM will debut its new calibration options and support programs for Unity SpectraStar NIR Analyzers.

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