UZWIL, SWITZERLAND and RIVIÈRE-DU-LOUP, QUÉBEC— Bühler and Premier Tech introduced March 22 its latest automated packaging solution, CHRONOS OML-1060. The solution is the “first of many” to be developed through the two companies’ bulk packaging equipment joint venture, created in September 2019.

“It is amazing to see what can be achieved when two industry leaders join forces,” said Johannes Wick, chief executive officer of Bühler’s Grains and Food business. “Only eight months after starting our joint venture we are introducing to the world the most competitive fully automated packaging machine for granular products.”

CHRONOS OML-1060 is a fully automatic packaging solution for the grain, food, pet food and feed processing industries. It uses the same design and technology used in the companies’ existing solutions but is more affordable, “without compromising accuracy or reliability,” Bühler stated. The design is optimized for flexibility, quality, accuracy and cost effectiveness.

The solution is also the first open-mouth bagger introduced by Premier Tech and Bühler. CHRONOS OML-1060 can manage 20- to 50-kg bags at speeds up to 600 bags per hour. The system can run any type of bag, including non-laminated poly-woven packages and most common bag closing systems.

The packaging system has a compact operational footprint to optimize floorspace, operation and maintenance. It is fully enclosed to ensure safety and limit operator interaction.

“What is magical about this partnership for our customers is to benefit from Premier Tech's technological know-how, Bühler's operational know-how, and unparalleled customer support from two organizations with a global footprint,” said André Noreau, chief executive officer of Premier Tech’s Systems and Automation business.

The automated packaging solution is manufactured in Bühler and Premier Tech’s joint design and manufacturing center in China. The two companies plan to continue innovating automated packaging equipment for global markets, including China, Southeast Asia, South America and Africa.

“Our customers will now have access to the best technologies from Premier Tech and Bühler, two pillars in the industrial world that remarkably complement each other,” concluded Alexis Michaud, technical and product director of the joint venture.

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