In conjunction with of its Real Science Lecture Series, Balchem is hosting a series of virtual student research showcases, highlighting the latest research from aspiring students in the pet food processing sector.

The first Student Research Showcase will include three Kansas State University (KSU) graduate students from the university’s Pet Food Program. The session will be held at 10 a.m. on Tuesday, March 16.

Heather Acuff, a Ph.D. candidate, will present on “Bacillus Coagulans in Pet Food Applications,” in which she will highlight the role of probiotics, the microbiome and sacrifices made in the processing of pet foods.

Krystina Lema Almeida, who is seeking a master’s degree, will discuss “Simulating Gluten Functionality in Sorghum-Baked Treats.” Almeida will share how soluble animal proteins can be included in sorghum products “to replace the functionality of gluten and provide additional benefits.”

Amanda Dainton, another Ph.D. candidate, will explain the effects of carbohydrate hydrocolloids for heat penetration, texture and color properties of wet, canned pet foods in her presentation, “Functional Attributes of Carbohydrate Hydrocolloids in Canned Pet Food.”

The virtual session will be moderated by Dr. Greg Aldrich, a KSU professor and coordinator of the university’s Pet Food Program, which began in 2011.

Read more about the virtual event and register here.

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