CHICAGO – Officials with PRIMEdge Inc., announced the appointment of Alexander Cozzini to the role of president of the company, succeeding his father, Ivo Cozzini, who will assume the role of chief executive officer of the global company that specializes in cutting edges and sharpening technology and services for the meat and food industry.

PRIMEdge manufactures blades to optimize cutting, chopping, skinning, slicing, dicing, harvesting and grinding efficiency for specific applications with an expertise in edge design. The change in leadership became effective March 1.

Alexander represents the fourth generation of the Cozzini family leading the company, which was founded by his great grandfather, who immigrated to the United States from Italy in 1905.

Alexander grew up in the business and worked at the company in various roles while attending school, ultimately receiving a business degree from the University of Wisconsin.

After graduating, Alexander began working at Cozzini PRIMEdge on a full-time basis. He not only worked at the Chicago-based headquarters of PRIMEdge, but also at its European headquarters in France as well as the company’s primary blade manufacturing facility in Germany.

"It is a very proud and momentous occasion for our family personally and for our PRIMEdge family," Alexander said, adding that he and his father are grateful to make this transition on their own terms and not as a result of a health crisis or other unfortunate circumstances.

His father said the transition is made more seamless thanks to Alex’s years of experience working in the family’s business.

“This exposure has helped Alex gain in-depth knowledge in many facets of the business including administration, sales and manufacturing,” said Ivo, whose role will shift to help his son transition to his new position while focusing on special projects and plant expansions. “One of Alex’s strongest contributions has been establishing a robust and creative business environment that fosters tremendous, success-driven, team spirit.

“Alex has established deeply rooted relationships throughout all levels of PRIMEdge’s multinational operations,” he added. “This assures seamless respect and support for our company’s management and product line. We are a company made up of great people and it is important to nurture and maintain the principles that Alex truly believes in.”

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