RYE, N.Y. — Raised Right, a brand of fresh, human-grade whole-food pet diets, has introduced Shake A Flakes, a new line of single-ingredient meal toppers for dogs and cats. The new products are shelf-stable, free from preservatives, and offer sourcing traceability for pet owners.

The brand was inspired to create Shake A Flakes after positive consumer feedback from pet owners using its Meat Bites single-ingredient liver treats as meal toppers.

“We had customers reaching out letting us know about the success they were having using our Meat Bites as an appetite boosting meal topper for their pets and asked if we could come out with a product that was basically our Meat Bites in a crumbled form,” said Braeden Ruud, co-founder and chief executive officer of Raised Right. “Our Shake A Flakes are simply tiny flakes of our Meat Bites that come in a shaker style spice bottle so customers can easily shake the flakes on top of their pets’ food instead of having to crumble up our Meat Bites by hand.”

These new meal toppers are formulated with beef liver, turkey liver or lamb liver. The beef liver topper includes 60% crude protein and 5% crude fat; the turkey liver topper is 72% crude protein and 13% crude fat; and the lamb liver topper is 57% crude protein 8% crude fat. Aside from being free from preservatives, Shake A Flakes are also free from grain, potato, rice, corn, wheat or soy ingredients.

Shake A Flakes are tested for foodborne pathogens including E. coli, Listeria and Salmonella, according to the company.

“Every single batch of our Shake A Flakes is lab safety tested and we have a hold release program where we don’t ever ship them unless they pass the lab safety test,” Ruud said. “For transparency, we post the results of these tests on our website for everyone to see, along with a map tracing each ingredient to its source.”

Raised Right’s flagship products are its fresh, human-grade whole-food recipes for dogs and cats, which are formulated in partnership with Karen Becker, DVM, to be limited-ingredient and low-carb. The products are sold frozen and served as a fresh meal option.

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