DOWNERS GROVE, ILL. — Duravant LLC, the mother company of several processing and automation equipment solutions to many industries, announced Feb. 22 its acquisition of Votech GS B.V., a manufacturer of bag filling and stretch hood machines, palletizers and pallet transport systems.

Votech is headquartered in Ruesel, The Netherlands, and will merge with Fischbein International, a Duravant subsidiary.

“There is a very complementary relationship between our two organizations,” said Olivier Hancotte, vice president and general manager of Fischbein. “We’re thrilled to work closely with the Votech team to create a broader product offering for both companies’ customers. Fischbein and Votech equipment will both be available through the Fischbein global sales team.”

The two companies will combine their customer bases to offer Votech’s bag management and palletizing solutions alongside Fischbein’s bag sealing and sewing equipment.

“We’re excited to be a part of the Duravant group of world-class brands and automation solutions,” said Rolf Michiels, director of project sales at Votech. “Aligning with the Fischbein team to better serve our customers through a united and collaborative strategy is an exciting prospect for us. Duravant’s lifecycle management via the company’s SupportPro services also gives our customers broader access to value-added solutions that will help their operations achieve their productivity and efficiency goals.”

The combined companies will serve customers in more than 190 countries globally across the pet food, agricultural, ingredient and other industries.

“Our partnership with Duravant opens the path for Votech’s geographic expansion and growth in Europe, the Middle-East, Africa and North America,” added Pierre Dierckx, director of operations for Votech. “We’re thrilled to also collaborate with nVenia, Duravant’s US-based operating company serving customers across a wide array of industrial end markets and consumer packaged goods.”

Duravant stated its nVenia product range, which exists in the same Duravant sub-group as Hamer Fischbein, is particularly complementary with Votech’s solutions for powder applications.

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