ST. LOUIS — Just Right Pet Food announced Nov. 5 the launch of its online platform where pet owners can create customized dog food diets based on their pets’ individual palatability preferences and nutritional needs.

The company offers customized dog diets on a subscription basis through its website. Pet parents can take an online quiz on the website, answering questions about protein preferences, activity levels, stool consistencies and other aspects of pet wellness and nutrition. These answers are then used by Just Right nutritionists to create a custom kibble blend.

"Pet owners want to ensure that they are giving their dog everything they need for a long and healthy life," said Sara McCullough, pet nutritionist at Just Right. "Just Right takes the guess work out of shopping for dog food because each blend is tailored to their dog's nutritional requirements. No two dogs are alike, and neither are their unique needs and tastes."

Just Right ships its customized dog foods directly to consumers every four weeks. The brand offers thousands of possible combinations using high-quality ingredients and offering personalized feeding instructions, Just Right stated.

Additionally, pet owners can upload a photo of their dog to be featured on the front of their own pet food package. Through Just Right’s website, they can also adjust their custom dog food blends, and alter or cancel recurring purchases and shipping dates.

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