LONDON — The Craftory, an international investment firm based in London and San Francisco, pledged $22 million in capital to Edgard & Cooper, a natural dog food company based in Belgium. This investment adds to the pet food company’s series B funding round, in which DLF Venture also participated.

“From the start we were looking for capital that is not solely interested in growth and profits, but equally believes a brand must do good for pets, people, and the planet,” said Koen Bostoen, co-founder of Edgard & Cooper. “The Craftory’s mission to amplify purposeful brands really caught our attention: They are the rebel in the capital landscape, and we chose to partner with them because their values closely align with ours. We love their long-term vision, and appreciate the “Crafter” expertise they bring.”

According to The Craftory, Edgard & Cooper is the first European pet food brand to utilize biodegradable packaging materials, so far preventing more than 5.9 million plastic bags from ending up in landfills. The company also aims to become CO-2 neutral by 2025. The Craftory hopes to support these sustainability goals through its investment.

“The increased humanization of pets by their owners goes far beyond pet apparel and dedicated instagram feeds – the concerns that drive preference and innovation for human nutrition apply to pets too,” commented Elio Leoni Sceti, co-founder and “chief crafter” at The Craftory. “An obsession for quality and transparency typifies the Edgard & Cooper approach and makes it possible for pet parents to express their love for animals directly through food they choose.”

Edgard & Cooper was founded in 2014 by Bostoen, Louis Chalabi and Jürgen Degrande. Since 2014, the pet food company has expanded its pet food distribution to 13 geographic areas across Europe, driving 145% sales growth in 2019 alone.

“Edgard & Cooper’s exacting standards and meticulously designed processes eliminate these concerns and make it easy for pet parents to provide nutritious, satisfying meals while reducing their plastic paw print, and giving back to dogs in need,” said Jamie Swango, craft partner, digital amplification and platforms at The Craftory.

The pet food company also donates 1% of annual sales to The Edgard & Cooper Foundation, a charitable branch that aims to support pets in need and “break the cycle” of pet neglect and abuse. Edgard & Cooper expects to bring its grand donation total to $300,000 by the end of 2020. 

“We’ve been constantly impressed by the execution capabilities of the team since we joined the Edgard & Cooper adventure along with the founders in 2017, and we’re looking forward to continue supporting the company in its quest to build a brand which truly improves the lives of pets whilst preserving our planet,” added Pierre-Jean Wallon, executive director of DLF Venture.

The Craftory holds $375 million in capital to amplify various consumer brands globally.

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