KENOSHA, WIS. ― Deville Technologies announced last week the appointment of two new sales directors. Paul Krechel has been promoted to sales director of the company’s US and international divisions, and Elie Mechaalany has been promoted to sales director for its Canada, Europe and United Kingdom businesses.

Krechel has been with Deville Technologies for the last five years, during which time he has contributed to the company’s growth in the United States and abroad. He helped the company enter new markets and industry segments, drawing experience from the protein and dairy industries.

Krechel earned his bachelor’s degree in political science and history. In 2019, he received PMMI’s Emerging Leaders Award. He will continue to drive growth for Deville by developing and maintaining long-term, strategic partnerships with new and existing customers in his new role.

Mechaalany has spent the last three years working for Deville. He brings considerable management skills to the team from previous career experience and his work so far with Deville, where he has demonstrated the ability to mitigate internal and external challenges successfully.

Deville reported Mechaalany is expected to help the company develop critical relationships in Europe and other international markets. Mechaalany was a nominee for PMMI’s Emerging Leaders Award in 2020 and is a member of the Order or Engineers of Quebec. He earned his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering.

“Deville continues to keep an eye on the future and to focus on expanding our offerings and applications into new markets around the globe,” the company stated. “In order to optimize our ability to meet the ever-changing needs of our clients, we are proud and excited to announce the following promotions from within our team of solutions-focused industry leaders.”

Deville provides full line industrial food cutting solutions with offices in the USA, Canada and is the exclusive North American distributor for FAM ⎯ a European market leader of industrial cutting machines. 

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