BRITISH COLUMBIA, ALBERTA and YUKON, CANADA — The Public Health Agency of Canada on Dec. 14 closed its investigation into a series of Salmonella infections linked to pig ear dog treats across three Canadian provinces, which ended in 10 total cases, of which one resulted in death.

"The outbreak appears to be over and the investigation is winding down," the agency stated in its latest public health notice on the topic.

The contaminated pig ear dog treats were sold under two brands — Paws Up! and Western Family — at Canadian Tire and Save-On-Foods retail locations in British Columbia, Alberta, and Yukon. Five cases occurred in British Columbia, four cases in Alberta and one in Yukon.

The agency issued an initial public health notice Sept. 29 regarding outbreaks of Salmonella infections linked to pig ear dog treats in three Canadian provinces.

The announcement followed a voluntary recall from Masters Best Friend for Paws Up! and Western Family brands of pig ear dog treats sold throughout Canada. Both brands were sold at Canadian Tire and Save-On-Foods retail locations.

As of Sept. 29, The Public Health Agency of Canada confirmed eight cases of Salmonella Typhimurium sickness between late February and early August 2020. Five cases originated in British Columbia, two cases were from Alberta and one from Yukon. Of these cases, three people have been hospitalized and one has died.

The agency warned consumers not to feed dogs pig ear treat products from Paws Up! and Western Family brands, to wash hands after handling the treats and disinfect all areas that came in contact with the treats to avoid contamination.

It added the Canadian government will continue to update consumers of new information regarding its investigation between pig ear dog treats and Salmonella illnesses.

The United States faced its own debacle with pig ear dog treats causing Salmonella illnesses in 2018 and 2019, announcing the outbreak appeared to be over in October 2019. Overall, 154 cases were tied to pig ear dog treat exposure, of which 35 people were hospitalized as a result of illness, and several domestic and foreign brands were implicated.

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