PORTLAND, ORE. — Vetsource Home Delivery, an online pharmacy for veterinary pet products, is increasing the number of products available for direct-to-consumer delivery. The service will add 8,000 specialty diets, treats, collars, leashes and other pet products this fall.

“Pet parents have always looked to their veterinarian as the trusted source of prescription medications and diets,” said Kurt Green, president and chief executive officer of Vetsource. “By positioning our veterinary customers to offer a more robust selection of products, pet parents will buy more often from their veterinarian and be less likely to look to other places for their pet care needs.”

Vetsource was founded in 2008 to offer prescription diets and medications to pet parents through its online platform. Along with expanding its catalog, the company also plans to enhance the experience of its e-commerce platform for pet owners.

“Vetsource has been a trusted partner of our practice, helping us to offer our clients more convenient options and ultimately allowing us to offer more services to our clients,” said Dr. Andrea Dunnings, chief executive officer and founder of East Atlanta Animal Clinic, and a member of Vetsource’s leadership advisory board. “We’re thrilled to now be able to offer a more complete catalog of products through our online store. Not only will this allow us to ensure our clients have access to quality products for their pets, but we will also have a more full picture of a patient’s medical history through our Vetsource Home Delivery platform.”

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