NASHVILLE — Gimborn USA, which officially entered the North American market in April, announced Aug. 11 eight new partnerships with various distributors across the United States and Canada.

United Pacific Pet, American Distribution & Manufacturing Company (ADMC), Independent Pet Supply, Fauna Foods and Natural Animal Nutrition, Inc. will distribute Gimborn’s Simply Kind Hearted brand of dog and cat treats throughout the United States.

In Canada, the company partnered with Mondou, MJM Pet Supplies and Triton Animal Supplies to distribute its Simply Kind Hearted brand.

"It is my pleasure to announce that Simply Kind Hearted cat and dog treats can support pet parents throughout the United States with good taste and good nutrition that pet parents are seeking,” said Timothy McMahon, vice president of sales for Gimborn USA, Inc. “Each distributor we partnered with offers strong support for our business and has lasting relationships with retailers in the pet industry.”

Specifically, Gimborn’s distributor partnerships in Canada will span nationwide, and its partnerships with US distributors will span the West Coast, Pacific Northwest, Midwest, West South Central, Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions.

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