IBBENBÜREN, GERMANY — Crespel & Dieters Group, a German supplier of functional wheat products to pet food and feed manufacturers, announced last month it has rebranded its pet food and feed business to Trigea and Crespeo, formerly known as C&D Petfood & Feed.

The company decided to split out the two brands in order to optimize its product range, services and products for various industries in a “more targeted and effective manner,” Crespel & Dieters reported.

Trigea will represent the company’s pet food solutions, and Crespeo will represent its feed division.

Trigea offers its Trigovit brand as a line of high-quality wheat-based ingredients for pet food. These solutions include functional wheat-based mixtures, wheat starches, wheat proteins and extruded pre-gelatinized wheat flours.

Trigea solutions are applicable for dry and wet pet food, as well as pet treats, according to the company.

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