BRUSSELS — The European Pet Food Federation (FEDIAF) has launched a free digital resource to complement its latest Code of Good Labeling Practice for Pet Food. The resource focuses on improving communication, understanding and implementation of its pet food regulations and voluntary rules.

“This is the first time FEDIAF has designed an online training tool and we are delighted with the results,” said Thomas Meyer, secretary general of FEDIAF. “Over recent months, we have become more accustomed to working from home and we hope that this flexible web-based tool will help users understand the intricacies of pet food labelling and communication.”

The six-chapter online learning module includes examples of product labeling and Q&A sections designed to look at three areas in more depth: consumer information, control and enforcement, and marketing and retail.

The digital tool was developed by FEDIAF’s regulatory team. It is intended for use by pet food manufacturers, professionals and students.

“The Labelling Code was established under the principles of co-regulation with the endorsement by the responsible EU institutions and should be read in conjunction with the relevant EU and national legislation,” said Victor Romano, chair of FEDIAF’s Product Communication Working Group. “Launching the e-learning will provide further guidance on the interpretation of the code, promoting a harmonized approach across Europe.”

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