FAIRFIELD, CALIF. — Primal Pet Foods has added a variety of raw meal toppers for dogs and cats. The company’s two existing topper lines have been redesigned to offer convenience to pet owners and optimized nutrition to pets.

Primal Pet has rebranded its Grinds meal topper line as Butcher’s Blend Raw Toppers, which offer 100% animal-based ingredients from high-quality meat, poultry and seafood sources. They include animal protein, organ and bone.

The company also rebranded its Mixes line as Market Mix Raw Toppers. These meal boosters are formulated with 85% animal protein, organ and bone. The remaining 15% of the topper includes organic fruits and vegetables to deliver phytonutrients and antioxidants.

Butcher’s Blend and Market Mix meal toppers are each available in six protein variations: sardine, beef, turkey, chicken, lamb and pork.

Animal and produce ingredients used in both these meal topper products are responsibly sourced for quality, transparency and sustainability, according to Primal Pet.

These products are frozen and raw, but thaw quickly on pet food in 7-10 minutes, the company said.

Both meal topper products are available in a pourable format for added convenience. The products became available for distribution this month.

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