ORLANDO, FLA. — Zesty Paws and GreaterGood.org have together donated $50,000 to animal shelters in need during the COVID-19 pandemic. Donations were made through social media involvement, with each individual post including the #ZestFurGood hashtag equaling a $10 donation from Zesty Paws.

Initially, Zesty Paws pledged to donate up to $25,000 through the social media campaign. After receiving overwhelming feedback, the brand doubled the limit to $50,000 in donations, which was officially met on June 1.

“The #ZestFurGood campaign has been a wonderful way for pet parents to come together and share happy moments online with their furry family members for a good cause,” said Steve Ball, chief executive officer of Zesty Paws. “We recognize that the impact of this pandemic has been drastic in every way imaginable and shelter animals are no less affected. Our Zesty Paws team is extremely proud to partner once again with GreaterGood.org to make a difference and do our part for pets in need.”

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