VILARD, MINN. — Massman Automation Designs, LLC announced it will distribute General Packer Company, Ltd.’s pouch-filling system, GP-M3000 in North America. The precise, automated filling and handling capabilities of the GP-M3000 have made it a popular choice in the growing cannabis-infused product segment.

The system is able to open, fill, close and seal clear and printed pouches with a variety of reclosing features, “including the child-resistant heat seal closures needed for cannabis products,” Massman said. It can also handle press-to-close zippers, eSliders and Velcro components for non-cannabis products.

Pouches are automatically aligned once conveyed to the GP-M3000. Then, they are stamped with the date and lot code, filled, shaken by vibrators, and sealed. Gas flushing can also be added to this process. The system can fill and seal up to 65 pouches per minute, depending on the product and package specifications.

The GP-M3000 offers 10 operational stages, including those that allow line extensions and additional functions for future expansion. The stainless-steel system features a hygienic design and minimizes protruding parts that could hinder pouch movement.

According to Massman, the solution can reduce changeover downtime by up to 90%, compared to similar systems, because it automatically adjusts as different pouch sizes are fed into the machine. It’s heat-sealing component also includes a three-minute automated pouch size change feature to reduce downtime.

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