MINNEAPOLIS — Bühler cut the ribbon at its Food Application Center (FAC) in Minnesota, where it will collaborate with food and feed industry customers, start-ups, members of academia and other partners to develop sustainable solutions for the North American market.

Specifically, Bühler will utilize the new state-of-the-art application center to turn raw material crops such as pulses, ancient grains, beans, oats and others into flours, snacks, extruded products and even plant-based protein analogues.

“The FAC is a place for learning how to create and process new products, new protein sources, and new ways to strengthen our food supply chains,” said Andy Sharpe, chief executive officer of Bühler North America.

The facility was officially opened Friday, June 19, on the final day of Bühler Go! 2020, the company’s virtual networking event. It is equipped with the company’s latest raw material handling and processing systems and capable of developing raw materials into finished products.

"The FAC is a playground for the food industry, built to foster collaboration between food processing companies and other industry organizations, who, working side-by-side with Bühler’s processing experts, can test their business ideas, perfect them, and successfully bring them to market," said Yannick Gaechter, director of Bühler's new FAC.

Other capabilities of the facility include education on processing technologies, food safety, digitalization. Companies can also offer training programs at the FAC for operational and maintenance employees to learn and improve on efficient manufacturing procedures and best practices, Bühler said.

"The new FAC stands ready to welcome innovative food processors and other interested organizations, to collaborate, create, and perfect new and sustainable food products as we all address the quickly changing demands of consumers' diets," Gaechter added.

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