MINNEAPOLIS — Wagner SprayTech Corp., a subsidiary of Wagner Holdings, Inc., in May announced the availability of its select spraying technologies to businesses for administering EPA List N disinfectant solutions to battle the coronavirus.

The company’s sprayers are normally used to apply paint and coatings in commercial and industrial applications. The company is now offering several of its sprayers to apply alcohol- and water-based disinfectant solutions to commonly touched surfaces to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

“COVID-19 has created a critical need for sprayers to apply EPA List N disinfectants,” said Greg McGuirk, president of Wagner Group’s North America Division. “Remediation specialists and cleaning professionals are among the many unsung heroes essential to mitigating the spread of the disease. Our Wagner and Titan brands have a unique opportunity to help them by providing spray systems to tackle a variety of disinfectant applications.”

For smaller areas, Wagner suggests using its FLEXiO series and Titan FlexSpray handheld sprayers. The company also recommended its Control Pro series and Titan ControlMax series sprayers for medium-sized projects, and its Select Impact, Elite and PowrTwin systems for larger areas.

These spraying technologies by Wagner are intended for use in manufacturing and health care facilities, as well as grocery stores and other commercial locations deemed essential during the pandemic.

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