BERN, KAN. — On June 8, C.J. Foods and American Nutrition, Inc. announced the creation of Alphia™, a new super premium pet food and treat co-manufacturing business resulting from the merger of the two companies in March.

Alphia employs more than 800 people and is expected to produce more than one billion lbs of pet food annually.

"Alphia signifies our company's leadership role in the pet food industry in partnership and growth," said Dave McLain, chief executive officer of Alphia and previous chief executive officer of C.J. Foods. "With the unification of C.J. Foods and American Nutrition, the Alphia brand has unparalleled marketplace intelligence, research and development expertise with turnkey production and supply chain capabilities."

The company also includes C.J. Foods’ milling subsidiary, LANI, and Veracity Logistics, a subsidiary of American Nutrition. LANI was formerly Lortscher Animal Nutrition, Inc. before it was acquired by C.J. Foods in April 2018.

Combined, the two manufacturers have a wide operational footprint in the United States, with 10 manufacturing locations spanning six states.

"Alphia will build on the outstanding reputations of C.J. Foods and American Nutrition as its skilled team focuses on delivering the highest quality super-premium pet food and treats," commented Tod Morgan, chairman of Alphia’s board. "This partnership delivers growth for our customers, employees and communities." 

Alphia will produce dry, canned and baked pet foods and baked pet treats. It is owned by J. H. Whitney Capital Partners, a Connecticut-based private equity firm that acquired C.J. Foods in 2014.

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