Pet Sustainability Coalition (PSC), an organization offering programs and education to help pet industry companies become more sustainable, has hired two new team members and appointed two new board members to strengthen its leadership.

The organization added Greg Kean, vice president of innovation and product development at WellPet LLC, and David Yaskulka, chief executive officer of Nature’s Logic, to its board. Kean has worked for WellPet for the last 15 years, and Yaskulka was appointed to lead Nature’s Logic in January 2019 after spending more than a decade with Halo Purely For Pets brands and Halo Pet Foundation.

“It is an absolute honor to participate on the PSC board,” Kean said. “I am excited to learn, engage and actively contribute to making a positive change within the pet food industry alongside PSC and fellow board members. I am thankful for the proactive and innovative approach PSC has taken to help organizations evolve and increase their understanding of how to work more sustainably.”

Yaskulka added, “The Pet Sustainability Coalition may be the most significant development in the pet industry this century, and we’re proud to do our part to help. Nature’s Logic’s mission is to apply the logic of nature to everything we touch… PSC has helped us launch our most significant new programs, and I’m honored to join its advisory board to contribute [to] the future success of the organization.”

Additionally Sarah Hutcherson joins PSC as the organization’s accreditation manager, bringing seven years of communications and marketing to her new role.

Hutcherson earned her Master of Business Administration degree in sustainable business from Bard College in New York.

“I feel so fortunate that my day job revolves around helping our members strengthen their organizational resilience through sustainable business,” Hutcherson said.

Anne Klein brings sustainability consulting and nonprofit fundraising experience to her new position on PSC’s member project team.

Klein holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of California-Berkeley and a master’s in education from Harvard University.

“I’ve always been a mission-driven person and PSC gives me the unique opportunity to be a part of making positive change in the world,” Klein said. “I’m inspired by our members and the energy and enthusiasm they bring to their sustainability journey.”

PSC reported, due to an increase in pet industry companies investing in sustainable solutions and business practices, that its membership has seen continued growth in 2020, following a record year for membership in 2019.

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