ST. LOUIS — Tiki Pets announced May 1 it is donating a total of 448,000 meals for dogs and cats to animal shelters and pet foster families experiencing financial hardships during the COVID-19 crisis. The company is providing 348,000 cat diets and 100,000 small dog diets, which equals a total retail value of approximately $750,000.

"Whether the food is used to help a needy family who might not otherwise be able to keep their foster pet or support an animal welfare organization that has lost a large part of its revenue stream, donating Tiki Dog and Tiki Cat food is a way we can offer assistance during this unprecedented crisis,” said Melia Reeves-Long, consumer engagement associate at Tiki Pets.

The pet food company partnered with’s Rescue Bank program to distribute the donations to shelters and to those fostering pets.

According to Pethealth, a pet insurance company tracking animal welfare organizations across the United States, pet fostering has increased by 97% during the pandemic. Shelters and rescues, who are unable to raise funds normally, are depending on foster families to take some pressure off, but this could change as more people are financially impacted by the coronavirus.

"The COVID-19 pandemic is creating an unprecedented animal sheltering crisis, while also affecting pet parents, so it is our duty to step in and offer assistance on a national level by creating a network of relief distribution centers with our local animal shelter partners while also supporting them," said Liz Baker, chief executive officer at "Our goal is to provide local animal shelters and pet parents struggling financially with pet food and supplies so they can continue to care for the pets they love during this challenging and stressful time."

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