KANSAS CITY, MO. — Pet’s Best Life, a pet nutrition company based in Kansas City, on April 28 launched its first product, Yummy Combs. The product is a dental dog chew featuring a patented honeycomb design and formulated with added vitamins and minerals.

Founded by Joe Roetheli and his wife, Judy, Pet’s Best Life is launching Yummy Combs in PetSmart stores across the United States, as well as select pet specialty and veterinary clinics. The company plans to expand distribution to Canada soon.

“Yummy Combs are a new plateau in dog treats,” Roetheli said. “The functional, innovative shape is different by design to address serious oral health and safety issues including the number one disease in dogs — periodontal disease — as well as gulping.”

The United States Patent and Trademark Office issued Pet's Best Life a patent for this design on Feb. 7, 2017.

The chews are designed to prevent gingivitis and periodontal diseases in dogs. The patented hexagonal shape facilitates flossing along the gum line, while the outer portion of the chew helps keep dogs’ teeth clean. The treats are available in five sizes to accommodate all weight ranges.

“Yummy Combs have a high probability of cleaning above and below the gum lines where the dangerous periodontal disease gets its start,” said Jan Bellows, DVM, past president of the American Veterinary Dental College, the Veterinary Dental Forum and the Foundation for Veterinary Dentistry.

The product is formulated with 44% protein, primarily sourced from chicken, as well as 12 other ingredients such as dried honey, salmon oil and added vitamins and minerals, offering a well-balanced formula of nutrients to boost energy, support mobility and improve overall health and wellness. 

“Yummy Combs are different from your run-of-the mill pet treats inside and outside,” Roetheli said.

The chew treats are processed at low temperatures to maximize nutrient availability, and are free from artificial ingredients, gluten and GMOs.

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