WATFORD, GREAT BRITAIN — Hygiena, a company offering microbial testing, monitoring and identification solutions to several industries, on April 9 introduced a rapid environmental test for Listeria monocytogenes applicable in pet food processing applications.

The company’s InSite L. mono Glo Environmental Surface Screening Test can detect Listeria species pathogens within 48 hours. The test utilizes liquid media that contains antibiotics, growth enhancers and color-changing compounds that are specific to Listeria strains of bacteria to detect the pathogen with a UV light.

This environmental monitoring test is intended for post-sanitation use in food processing facilities. It is able to detect low levels of Listeria, according to Hygiena.

"We’re excited by this new product, which can provide rapid information on the possible presence of Listeria easily in an all-in-one device," said Martin Easter, chief scientific officer at Hygiena. "We are also proud to have this product certified by the AOAC-RI."

The environmental monitoring solution comes in a kit and does not require complex lab equipment. The InSite test is certified for use on stainless steel, ceramic and plastic contact surfaces by the AOAC-RI Performance Tested Method in 2018.

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