FT. WASHINGTON, PA — IcelandicPlus LLC, a manufacturer of all-natural dog treats, has voluntarily recalled its Icelandic+ Capelin whole fish treats because some products exceed size regulations set by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). All salt-cured, dried or fermented fish products can be no longer than 5 inches, according to the FDA.

When exceeding 5 inches, these products have been linked to botulism poisoning in humans, specifically between 1981 and 1987, as well as in 1991. This foreseen risk prompted the recall by Icelandic+, although there have been no reports of illnesses in pets or pet owners caused by the product to date.

Icelandic+ Capelin treats were distributed to independent pet retail stores across all territories of the United States. Each product in the recall, including Capelin Whole Fish Treats for Dogs and Capelin Whole Fish Treats for Cats, comes in a clear plastic pouch or tube packaging.

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