KANSAS CITY, MO — Pet Food Alliance (PFA) is gearing up for its Spring Meeting to be held in April at the Kansas City Convention Center. This technical symposium will welcome participants with a supplier networking event at 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday, April 29, followed by a full day of pet food discussions on Thursday, April 30.

The agenda includes several topics, including detecting foreign materials, environmental monitoring, controlling pathogens, oxidation and rendering, the role of transportation in the industry, and predictive microbiology and artificial intelligence.

The meeting will also contain a working group lunch, networking opportunities throughout the day and an update on MoKnows, a recently launched online resource for pet nutrition.

Several industry experts will attend the meeting to speak on these topics, as well as network with other participants.

The organization will also host a short course for students May 1-2, where students in the pet food space have the opportunity for professional development, industry discussions and networking.

In tandem with the Spring Meeting, PFA has issued a survey to identify and address challenges and opportunities in the transportation of bulk fat and oils in order to establish best practices for the pet food industry.

The organization has encouraged suppliers and processors involved with bulk fat and oil transportation processes to provide answers to the survey, which will be held anonymous and confidential, PFA said. Find more details about the Bulk Fat and Oil Transportation Survey here.

For more details and information on how to register for the Pet Food Alliance Spring Meeting, visit the official registration page.

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