UZWIL, Switzerland — Bühler Group announced Feb. 11 its information security management system has been certified by ISO 27001, one of the “most respected cyber security standard[s]” recognized globally, according to the company. The certification validates its internal business IT structure, automation solutions, its Bühler Insights platform, and the myBühler customer portal.

“Today, over 85 % of our solutions can be connected to Bühler Insights. We want to show our customers that their data is as secure with us as it is currently possible. Digital services from Bühler conform to the highest possible security standards,” says Stuart Bashford, digital officer at Bühler Group.

With an overall shift toward digital solutions serving clients in more than 140 countries, the ISO 27001 certification encompasses Bühler’s internal and customer data, including the company’s five regional IT service centers and digital customer resources.

“Almost 6,000 customers in more than 120 countries trust in the myBühler customer portal. All their data is protected by Bühler’s processes certified according to ISO 27001,” Manfred Goetz, CIO at Bühler Group said.

Bashford added, “This also contributes to a trustful customer relationship, because our customers can have peace of mind when they let us handle their sensitive data.”

The company’s developing web-based automation platform, Mercury MES, has also been certified to this standard. The platform can streamline communications and workflows through enterprise resource planning (ERP), quality control, maintenance and other systems, Bühler shared.

“We now have a certified information security management system with dedicated policies, processes, and controls. This means that our digital teams must adhere to strict guidelines. Engineering, development, and support of all our current and future digital solutions will benefit from the ISO 27001 certification,” Goetz said.

The ISO 27001 is “the best-known standard in the family [of ISO 27000 certifications] providing requirements for an information security management system,” according to the official ISO webpage. The standard was last confirmed in 2019 and lays out benchmarks for establishing, implementing, maintaining and continually improving those security systems, which are tailored to each organization’s security risks and needs.

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