SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Superior Farms Pet Provisions (SFPP) announced Jan. 14 it will release two new dog treats formulated with up to 75% collagen. The new treat options, Beauty Stix and Beauty Springz, are made from the bottom layer of collagen-rich beef skin, called Corium, which provides a digestible and long-lasting chew.

"After veterinarians expressed concern about the digestibility of rawhide several years ago, we were determined to identify an alternative," said Ken Wilks, vice president of sales for SFPP. "After two years of research and development, we've identified the deepest layer of beef skin as the solution for this concern and learned more along the way about how Corium is an affordable natural source of whole collagen.”

The new treats offer functional benefits as well, including improvements to joint, skin and coat health. As the names suggest, Beauty Stix will be a straight, stick-like dog treat, while Beauty Springz will be spiral-shaped and intended for “small paws,” according to SFPP.

Both products are free from grains, gluten and artificial ingredients, as are the company’s other pet treat products. They are all-natural and produced from beef skins sourced in the US.

Beauty Stix and Springz will be available online and in pet specialty stores starting spring 2020.

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