ORRVILLE, Ohio — The J.M. Smucker Company (Smucker’s) has opted to close two of its distribution centers in Greenville and Breinigsville, Pennsylvania, along with a few smaller storage facilities connected to the Greenville distribution network, to optimize its locations.

The changes reflect a reevaluation of the company’s total logistics network, especially following its acquisition of Big Heart Pet Brands in 2015 and Ainsworth Pet Nutrition in 2018, to improve operational efficiencies. The changes will occur “in two waves,” according to Ray Hancart, director of communications and media relations for Smucker’s.

 “The first will be in March 2020 after the Carlisle facility opens, which is when our other facilities will begin seeing a reduction in the volume they process. The second wave will be in August 2020 when the Carlisle facility operations will be consistently delivering customer orders,” Hancart explained.

Hancart added that the decision to close the Greenville facility was not reflective of the quality of work taking place there, but strictly a way for the company to optimize its operational network. 

“This revised logistics network will position us to better service our customers as well as support future growth and operational flexibility,” Hancart added.

According to WFMJ21, a local Pennsylvania news station, 46 jobs will be eliminated as a result of the Greenville plant closing in August 2020.

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