OMAHA, Neb. and RALEIGH, N.C. — Two companies, one commodity manufacturer and the other a biotechnology business, are teaming up behind high-protein ingredient production specifically for the pet food and aquaculture markets. Green Plains Inc. and Novozymes announced the exclusive partnership on Dec. 16 and will start collaborating in the first quarter of 2020, they said.

Green Plains, which offers corn processing, grain handling, and storage and commodity marketing and logistics services, brings knowledge on biorefinery, processing and global distribution to its new partnership. Novozymes will contribute its microbiology knowledge and value-added product development skillset. The partnership aims to create functional proteins for companion animal diets.

“This exclusive technology partnership is another step in the transformation of Green Plains to a world class protein provider,” said Todd Becker, president and CEO of Green Plains. “By partnering with Novozymes, we believe we will be able to increase the value of the products we produce every day and together provide solutions for our nutritional partners in the aquaculture, animal feed, and companion animal food markets worldwide.”

The companies said Novozymes’ capabilities will help Green Plains increase the concentration of protein in its products. Novozymes has agreed to research new molecules and yeast to enhance and differentiate the two companies’ protein products as a part of the collaboration.

“We are really excited to further utilize advanced biology to unlock additional commercial opportunities in protein production in biorefining together with our customers,” said Brian Brazeau, Novozymes’ vice president of bioenergy commercial and president of its North American segment.

Green Plains’ will leverage its high-protein production factory in tandem with Novozymes biological solutions and Optimal Aquafeed’s research laboratory in Shenandoah, Iowa to innovate in the area of aquaculture nutrition, Green Plains reported.

“As we continue to roll out high protein nutritional solutions for our customers, we expect to create a company with predictable and growing earnings and become much less dependent on our traditional business structure,” Becker said.

Brazeau added that Novozymes expects to expand its reach in the agricultural supply chain, especially in the animal feed market, as a result of its partnership with Green Plains.

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