ORRVILLE, Ohio — Meow Mix, a brand owned by The J.M. Smucker Company, is changing its tune with modern remixes to its classic jingle, including R&B, country, heavy metal and Latin styles.

The remixes are part of a larger campaign to modernize the brand for a new generation of consumers while preserving the original essence of the Meow Mix jingle, which was introduced nearly 50 years ago.

"The Meow Mix jingle has always provided a soundtrack to the relationship we have with our feline friends," said Ryan Thomas, VP of cat marketing at Smucker. "At Meow Mix, we have a rich heritage of understanding what cats want and we're excited to share with the world this new, addictive creative work."

During the week of Nov. 12, Meow Mix will release the music videos for each remixed version of the jingle on its website.

The campaign is the first creative work by PSOne, Publicis Groupe’s Power of One initiative, which was adopted by Smucker to drive marketing across all the company’s product categories in October 2018.

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