EDMONTON, Alberta — A joint venture between Radient Technologies Inc. and The Edlong Corporation was created Oct. 22 to manufacture and market cannabidiol (CBD) flavor and product solutions for the pet food and food and beverage industries.

The two companies have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for the joint venture. Both companies work globally and the joint venture between them will also be global.

Edmonton, Canada-based Radient Technologies manufactures CBD-based ingredients, formulas and products, and US-based Edlong specializes in natural flavor systems, particularly in the dairy industry, as well as other natural ingredients for the food and beverage market.

Radient will offer its proprietary industrial-scale, rapid-speed extraction, purification and manufacturing technology for CBD products, while Edlong will contribute its experience with palatability and functional product solutions.

“Radient is the perfect partner to align with as we explore new opportunities in this dynamic category that is clearly poised for growth. We’re excited to bring our expertise together,” said Laurette Rondenet, president and CEO of Edlong.

While the joint venture was born out of an interest in high-quality CBD-based products and ingredients that meet global food safety and health standards, the two companies said it may collaborate in other areas that interest them going forward.

“We are very excited about the opportunity to work with an established international flavor company like Edlong,” said Denis Taschuk, president and CEO of Radient. “Radient’s team of in-house scientists have been developing unique formulations that we believe will tie in perfectly with Edlong’s innovative approach to flavor and ingredient manufacturing for foods and beverages.”

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