ROCKVILLE, Md. — Functional ingredients are turning heads and wagging tails as humanization and premiumization continue to transform today’s pet food and treat market. Supplements containing cannabidiol (CBD) oil and hemp are among the “most buzz-worthy,” according to Packaged Facts.

While 11% of dog owners and 8% of cat owners have already purchased and administered CBD or hemp treats to their pets, 29% of both dog and cat owners are interested in purchasing CBD and hemp supplements, Packaged Facts reported in its 2019 Survey of Pet Owners.

Additionally, transparency is increasingly important for pet owners when it comes to purchasing treats, especially amid the string of pig ear dog chew recalls linked to a Salmonella outbreak, Packaged Facts suggests.

"Pet owners are demanding an ever-increasing level of detail about what exactly is in the treat products they feed their pets, and marketers are touting safe, reliable sourcing. It's even gotten to the point of putting the specific location of the ingredient source on product packaging," says David Sprinkle, research director at Packaged Facts.

Other functional ingredients are emerging, such as alternative proteins like insects, fungi and yeast, and even wood pulp, as companies develop innovative ways to stand out in a crowded market.

The market research firm looks at these trends and others, including trends toward grain-free, limited-ingredient and exotic proteins, in its latest report, “Pet Treats and Chews in the US, 3rd Edition.”

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