NEW ALBANY, Ohio —, a resource for pet owners to learn about pet nutrition and products in the US market, officially launched Oct. 17. The resource was created by Dr. George Collings of Collings Nutrition Solutions (CNS), a pet food consulting firm based in O’Fallon, Missouri, and Satchmo (“Mo”), the “friendly neighborhood Doodle.”

Mo Knows debunks common nutrition myths, addresses nutrition and health topics, explains the functionality of complex ingredients, and offers reviews of dog and cat food products.

For example, the platform uses a “S.N.I.F.F.” test — Synopsis, Nutrition, Ingredients, Finish Food, Feeding Instructions — to analyze specific pet food formulas on the market. Additionally, includes an extensive list of pet food ingredients and definitions for pet owners to refer to.

“As a board-certified nutritionist and food scientist, I felt like there was too much mis-information and missing information online for pet parents. Too many pet nutrition websites were run by people with no background in nutrition. Mo Knows will be a fun and educational place that pet parents can trust,” Collings says.

The platform currently operates a website, a YouTube channel, and social media pages on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter at @therealmoknows.

Collings is a board-certified nutritionists for companion animals and humans, as well as a board-certified food scientists. He has more than 30 years of experience in developing diets for dogs, cats, birds and other animals.

The platform is also operated by Sarah Hubler, the daughter of Dr. Collings, and her husband, Ross Hubler.

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