VILARD, Minn. — Massman Automation Designs, LLC, a packaging equipment supplier for North American manufacturers, showcased its latest case sealer at Pack Expo in Las Vegas Sept. 23 to 25. The HMT-Mini Top Only case sealer is compact, has a low operational cost, and features a modular design for optimal flexibility.

The modular design of the HMT-Mini case sealer can result in reduced lead times by up to 50%, according to Massman, as users can change out specific parts to fit unique product specifications.

The standard system uses glue or taps to seal up to 1,500 cases per hour. Processors can opt for a more advanced version of the HMT-Mini case sealer, which seals up to 3,000 cases per hour.

Cases up to 18 in. long, 16 in. wide and 16 in. deep are compatible with the HMT-Mini case sealer. The machine itself measures 110 in. in length, 36 in. in width and 24 in. in height. It is applicable with a drop gate or a metered automatic infeed, Massman explained.

The HMT-Mini case sealer is fully automatic and enclosed in glass so operators can visibly monitor operations. Lexan access doors on either end of the machine provide safe access for changeovers and maintenance.

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