MONTREAL and CHICAGO — TC Transcontinental Packaging on Sept. 23 launched a portfolio of flexible and sustainable products, vieVERTe, which includes recyclable and compostable packaging materials. The packaging company has pledged to transition to 100% reusable, recyclable or compostable products by 2025.

The recyclable option can be dropped off in-store and the compostable packaging is BPI certified for industrial composting, according to TC Transcontinental Packaging. Both new products can be custom developed for rollstock or pre-made pouch applications based on barrier, strength, shelf stability and graphic appeal.

Alex Hayden, senior vice president of research and development, innovation and sustainability at TC Transcontinental Packaging, said, “We are taking an all-out approach to build out our vieVERTe brand products. To do so, we will be investing heavily in our R&D teams and technologies, creating time and focus to accelerate projects, and building strong partnerships up and down the supply chain.”

The company added it will continue to expand the vieVERTe brand with new reusable and recyclable products to reduce its environmental footprint and contribute to its overarching Corporate Social Responsibility Plan, “Acting Together.” TC Transcontinental Packaging will reinvest 1% of annual revenue from its packaging sector into research and development for its sustainable portfolio.

TC Transcontinental Packaging is a business segment of TC Transcontinental focused on flexible packaging solutions in North America, Guatemala, Mexico, Ecuador, the United Kingdom, New Zealand and China.

The company offers flexible plastic and paper in rollstock, pre-made bags and pouches, shrink films and bags, and advanced coating capabilities for the pet food, coffee, dairy, food, beverage and other consumer packaged goods markets.

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