GARDENA, Calif. — Innovet Pet, a CBD pet product company, announced July 25 it is launching a new line of hemp-infused dog and cat supplements to offer a range of functional health benefits. The treats are formulated with Wild Alaskan Salmon oil and hemp seed oil to provide Omega 3-6-9 fatty acids.

The daily supplements offer five functional claims in one: rejuvenating coats and nourishing dry or irritated skin; anti-inflammatory properties for mobility support; cardiovascular and immune system support; and overall health and wellness through high-quality sources of omega fatty acids.

The multifunctional supplements do not contain any artificial flavorings or preservatives.

"There are three key aspects to our new line of daily health products, which will continue to expand throughout 2019," said Dave Louvet, co-founder of Innovet Pet. "We've put a serious demand on these products to give customers something that is high-quality, but affordable. As well, it has to be simple to give, for example, when you're running late for work. Last, we want it to help your pet's short-term and long-term health in a variety of ways that accumulated in better overall wellness."

The company also offers Advanced Mobility Chews for pets.

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