RYE, N.Y. — Raised Right, a human-grade pet food company, released three new pet food formulas and a line of single ingredient liver pet treats. The complete and balanced diets include whole foods without added vitamins and minerals.

“Our recipes contain a single source of animal protein and there are no preservatives or high carb fillers like potato, rice, yam, barley, oats, parsnips, corn, or wheat. Since we don’t use any high carb fillers, all our recipes have less than 3.5% carbs,” said Braeden Ruud, co-founder and CEO of Raised Right.

New Raised Right pet foods include turkey and pork recipes for dogs and a turkey option for cats. The turkey recipes include 10 ingredients, while the pork recipe for dogs includes 9 ingredients.

“On our website, we voluntarily list carbs in our guaranteed analysis for each recipe because this is important information for pet parents with dogs and cats facing a variety of health issues, as well as healthy dogs and cats,” Rudd added.

Raised Right’s Meat Bites, treats appropriate for both dogs and cats, are shelf-stable bits of liver available in beef, turkey and pork. They are free from preservatives and traceable to their source, according to the company.

“Just like our food, every single batch of our treats is lab safety tested and we have a hold release program where we don’t ever ship our treats unless they pass the lab safety test. For transparency, we post the results of these tests on our website for everyone to see, along with a map tracing each ingredient to its source,” Rudd said.

The company says it will host an event in its booth at SuperZoo featuring its new human-grade pet food products. 

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