BUFFALO, N.Y. — Human-grade dog treat maker Fetch! announced June 18 it has entered a distribution agreement with LADS Pet Supplies, a regional distributor and subsidiary of Animal Supply Company.

LADS Pet Supplies will distribute Fetch! products throughout New York, Pennsylvania and West Virginia, as well as parts of Maryland and Vermont.

“The nationwide exposure Fetch! is earning has definitely raised awareness of our company and has led to a new distribution agreement with LADS Pet Supplies, a subsidiary of Animal Supply Company (ASC) based in Akron, NY,” said Fetch! President Jackie Lovern. “…we believe our agreement with LADS is the best and most logical next step for Fetch! as it provides immediate access to over 500 new potential brand partners while still allowing us to grow slow and smart, learning the process as we go.”

According to Fetch!, the company finished in the top 100 of 13,000 small businesses from around the US in the FedEx Small Business Grant Contest in 2018.

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