VANCOUVER, British Columbia — Solace Management Group Inc. introduced its newest brand May 30, WildTails, a line of freeze-dried pet foods. The line currently includes three formulas – white fish, beef and chicken – for both dogs and cats.

This comes as Solace has been targeted for acquisition by Geyser Brands. The company expects to utilize its NanoFusion all-natural nano-technology to infuse hemp into the animal proteins used in Solace’s new freeze-dried diets once the acquisition is completed.

Solace already owns Apawthecary, a line of hemp-infused pet treats and tinctures for cats, dogs and horses.

According to Geyser Brands, NanoFusion is a proprietary nano-technology that emulsifies lipid hemp molecules so they can associate with other non-fat liquids. The process took two years to develop. The company reports that the emulsified hemp has no discernible taste, increases bioavailability of the molecules, extends shelf-life and product preservation and

This process can be applied to all forms of hemp, according to Geyser Brands.

President of Solace Brad Kersch commented, “We look forward to leveraging the Geyser Brands platform. Obviously, Geyser Brands’ capacity in compliance is key to working successfully in global markets, and Geyser Brands’ management understands and supports our goal to be the dominant cannabis-related pet food brand in Canada and world-wide.”

Geyser Brands plans to negotiate orders and distribution contracts for WildTails, starting in Asia, by the third quarter of 2019.

CEO of Geyser Brands Andreas Thatcher added, “We are impressed with the way the Canadian market has embraced the pet products produced by Solace, and we expect WildTails to take that consumer satisfaction to new markets. We are excited to anticipate the completion of our acquisition and working with management to create a premium global brand.”

Geyser Brands and Solace entered the acquisition agreement Feb. 11, 2019 as part of Geyser’s strategy to establish itself as a “leading provider of health-focused hemp and CBD wellness products,” Thatcher said in a statement.

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