DELRAY BEACH, Fla. — KOHA Pet has released its first wet shredded cat diets, a line of super-premium, limited-ingredient entrees in gravy. Each formula includes one type of meat as its source of protein.

The brand’s new shredded-meat cat foods are available in beef, chicken, turkey, duck and lamb, as well as variety packs including all formulas. They are all non-GMO and free of Carrageenan.

“KOHA provides our customers with solutions to their pets’ issues such as food sensitivities and finicky eaters. We do this by using only minimal ingredients in all our pet food. This benefits not only cats with food challenges but also helps maintain a healthy cat's diet,” said KOHA Founder Lonnie Schwimmer. “KOHA continues to educate our consumers and to introduce new products to help pet owners find the perfect food for their cats.”

The new products are available in 2.8-oz pouches, as well as 5.5-oz. cans.

KOHA also offers limited ingredient pâté foods for cats.

KOHA is one of many pet food brands working toward transparency of their products by providing information about where ingredients are sourced and how they are used.

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