NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. — Plant-based sweetener and botanical extract producer Layn Corp. announced April 29 it has developed a premium line of pet food ingredients, TruGro™ byLayn®. The new line of ingredients homes in on antioxidants, gut health support, and palatability/sweeteners for pet nutrition.

TruGro includes rich polyphenol and flavonoid extracts, other specialty botanical extracts such as grape seed, green tea and rosemary, and ingredients to enhance palatability.

Clean label attributes for pet food are increasingly influencing pet owners’ purchase decisions and, although it can be interpreted in many ways, processors and ingredient companies are buckling down on innovation in this area to meet market demand.

“Layn is perfectly positioned to meet these consumer demands with its high-quality, natural, plant-based ingredients,” said Mary Joe Fernandez, global VP of sales and business development for Layn’s animal nutrition division.

Layn operates a Global Innovation Center in China, where scientists and experts in the animal nutrition industry have researched specific ingredients to deliver improved performance and taste profiles for pet nutrition.

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